Single Watch Winder

What is an Automatic Watch Winder?

Today, the industry of watches has grown tremendously. Normally, watches can operate by using batteries as their source of power but now you can find watches that can operate without a battery. Automatic mechanics are the solution for keeping your battery running without battery. So how do you keep a mechanic watch running without wearing it? Using a single watch winder will be your answer. 

  1. What Is A Watch Winder?

When a person wears an automatic watch, it will automatically move the gears inside. If you somehow want to switch to a different watch, then your previous will be idle and the gears still stop moving. Hence, a single watch winder is needed. Watch winder is an autonomous device which allows your watch to be kept moving while not being worn by a human being. It will rotate and move constantly resulting in a movement in the watch’s gears. As a result, your watch will be kept “alive” and stay up to date. 

  1. What does a Watch Winder Look Like

Normally in box shape, a watch winder will have a socket to store your watch in the middle of it. And on the back, you will find several knobs with various functions. Most single watch winders have two main knobs. One is to adjust the rotation speed, so you can choose how fast the winder will spin or rotate to keep your watch’s gear moving. The other knob will be the rotation frequency which will allow you to choose how many times the winder will spin or rotate in a certain period of time, normally per hour or per day.

It’s very convenient to have your watch keep moving so that it doesn’t die and you have to re-adjust the time setting all over again. With all your watches active and updated, you will have an option to choose which watch you should wear.

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