The Team

Charlie Enright

A born leader and a naturally talented sailor, Charlie is well respected throughout the international sailing community. As a 27-year old Rhode Island native, he has accumulated thousands of offshore miles and inshore racing results. In 2010, Charlie led the Genuine Risk 90′ to victory in the Newport-Bermuda Race and skippered the Oakcliff All-American Offshore Team to victories in the Transatlantic and Rolex Fastnet Races in 2011. He was a 4x College Sailing All-American while at Brown University, where he graduated with a BA in Business Economics. Charlie currently works at North Sails Rhode Island and manages multiple sailing campaigns.

Mark Towill

A proficient team manager, Mark understands how to focus his drive for success to produce results. Strongly rooted in his Hawaiian upbringing, Mark has built a resume of over 15,000 offshore racing with six major ocean crossings. At the age of 23, he has won the 2011 Melges 32 World Championship, competed on the RC44 international tour, and sailed competitively on the national college sailing circuit. As a 2011 graduate of Brown University, Mark received two degrees in Economics and Environmental Studies and led multiple initiatives focused on environmental stewardship and sustainable design.

Chris Branning

Known for his precision and attention to detail, Chris is one of the world’s most qualified offshore sailboat navigators. A 26-year old native of Sarasota, FL, he has amassed more than 15,000 offshore miles navigating in races including the Transpacific, Transatlantic, and Rolex Fastnet Races. Chris has also navigated in the Caribbean 600 and in 2011, he won the Rolex Middle Sea Race. Chris graduated from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in 2009 with a BA in Logistics and Intermodal Transportation. He is currently an active-duty rescue helicopter pilot for the U.S. Coast Guard.

Jesse Fielding

Growing up in North Kingstown, RI, Jesse was immersed into sailing at a very young age. Always good for a laugh, at 25-he is best known for his tenacious work ethic and his genuine personality. Jesse has over 15,000 ocean racing miles under his belt and consistently pushes the limits of professional yacht racing. He was skipper for the United States entry in the Student Yachting World Cup while attending the University of Rhode Island, where he graduated with a BA in Economics in 2009. Jesse continues to be an invaluable workhorse for multiple international racing programs around the world.

Chris Welch

A 24-year old rockstar with a humble demeanor, Chris discovered his passion for sailing while growing up near the Great Lakes of Michigan. Known as a jack of all trades, Chris has proven to be a vital asset to every sailing campaign he has been involved with. He has aggregated more than 20,000 miles in the world’s most challenging ocean races. In 2011 he won Melges 32 World Championship and looks forward to joining defending champions Quantum Racing in the upcoming TP52 MedCup Circuit. Chris graduated from Michigan State University in 2009 with a BA in Business.

All American Ocean Racing’s all-under-30 team consists 
of talented young sailors who possess outstanding qualifications both on and off the race course. The core team:

  • has worked and sailed together for over six years, across the country and around the world
  • has logged over 80,000 miles of cumulative ocean racing experience
  • has won 3 World Championship titles
  • has won 12 National and North American 
Championship titles
  • participated in the Morning Light project, Roy Disney’s feature-length film about a group of teenagers competing in the TransPac ocean race from California to Hawaii
  • understands new media and the value of compelling content creatively delivered
  • is a group of smart, dedicated individuals that define success as much by a partner’s return on investment as by a podium finish